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Join our network of dentists offering online dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Most practices can't survive months of closure. Keep your practice open by offering online dental care. Maintain your connections with patients. Schedule emergency consultations. Provide care and guidance in your community during this difficult time while keeping your team and patients safe.

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Schedule online emergency consultations and
serve patients who still need care quickly

As you know, dental health needs don't just disappear during the coronavirus crisis. Some patients still need emergency dental care. Join our network for a simple way to run online video consultations with patients before they visit your practice in person. This helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus and helps keep everyone safe.

Free Setup To Help Practices During the Coronavirus Crisis

Rather than trying to profit during this difficult time, we're waiving the usual setup fee during the crisis. The subscription fee per practice is $99/mo. If your practice is in financial distress, please contact us about credits. Our primary goal is to keep practices operating—because we'll all still need dental care when the pandemic is finally over.

Quick Setup: Be Ready for Online Appointments in 10 Minutes

We've already invested in the software to schedule and run online consultations. Simply sign up for our network, and share your booking website with your patients. You can be ready to offer online appointments today. No waiting period or red tape.


  • Schedule emergency online video consultations
  • Customized, professional website where patients can book appointments
  • Patient education materials: teach patients how online appointments work
  • Online payment for appointments

What you need to get started

Our online appointment software handles scheduling and video calling for you. To join video calls, you just need a PC with a webcam and microphone, or an Apple iPhone.

You'll need a credit card to sign up. This is to continue your monthly subscription.

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Let's work together to help patients and the dentistry community through the crisis

We share the same concerns brought on by the crisis: what if we lose all our patient relationships? How do we protect the team, community, and businesses we've built up over the years? We created Dentist At Home to offer online care to patients at our own practices as we cancel all in-person elective care. We believe offering online care is the first step in protecting our families, friends, patients, and all we've built. Come join us.

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